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Hi there everyone, sure that you will be here to learn more information about merchandise Humalytics. Humalytics is bound to come to be HUGE. And Humalytics is certainly an emotional recognition technology that claims to be able to estimate your customer’s reactions on your video material. And this case is a big deal, considering that this kind of knowledge could potentially cut the advertising expenses in half if not more. Curious how does it job? Let's keep reading on my Humalytics Review!


Humalytics Review -- Overview


Sale Page:

Product Creator: Peter Beattie, Bill Zimmerman & Bob Socratous

Front End Price: $27 - $67

Niche: Program, Web App, Video Marketing

Introduction Time: Tue, Dec 13rd 2016 - 11: 00 AM EST

End Period: Sun, Dec 18th 2016 - 11: 59 EVENING EST


What Is Humalytics?


Humalytics™ is the all - FRESH Innovative “Human Metrics” technology that measures the mental response, facial expressions and reactions from REAL people who have watch your videos to help you ESTIMATE and CONVERT more audiences into paying customers & save TONS of cash misused in unproductive video marketing.


What Can Humalytics Do?


Focus Measurement: Find out how long visitors pay attention to your video materials. How often do they look apart? When exactly do that they choose not to pay attention to the video at all anymore?


Passion Detection: Learn about how the viewers actually feel when watching the videos. Are they happy? Depressed? Maybe excited or amazed? Maybe they are even BORED STIFF!


Facial Expression Detection: Get hold of even more data about your audience’s reactions. When do they laugh or frown, for example?


Gender selection & Age Smart Diagnosis: Discover demographic data, just like gender and age of the audience to better understand exactly who watches your videos.


How can Humalytics Work?


Actually, we have now know that Humalytics has a large potential to improve your video marketing advertisments. But how does it operate? Let’s make a closer seem.


•             Actually, Humalytics creates a personal link that you can give out into a segment of your audience.

•             If they agree to be part of that, Humalytics will read all their facial expressions through the webcam while they be careful about your video or webinar or perhaps whatever other video you chose. This includes their eyes and head movements, to illustrate.

•             The collected data are sent back to Humalytics which usually spits everything out for you in an easy to understand format, to help you edit your video intrigue or make any other modifications where your audience could easily get bored or even lose focus.


Humalytics Review - Trial Video


Humalytics Review -- The Sale Funnel


•  OTO one particular: Humalytics Unlimited - $197/year

•  OTO 1: Upsell -- Humalytics Unlimited - $297 (one-time payment)

•  OTO one particular: Downsel - Humalytics Endless - $37/month

•  OTO a couple of: Upsell - Toonvidio & VooPlayer Bundle - $197 (one-time payment)

•  OTO 4: Upsell - Conversion Pieces of software - $47 (one-time payment)


Should You Buy Humalytics?


Pretty much everything data is great and all, but you may be wondering what can you actually do with this? How does this help YOU? Read about a few ways how this could possibly benefit you:


•  If you have designed marketing videos, webinars or perhaps doing coaching calls, you may pinpoint how people answer it BEFORE it’s live.

•  No more guess do the job: Know what grabs your viewers’ attention and create video clips they truly want to watch.

•  Increase your sales by smartly being able to increase interest in the offers.

•  Decrease video promotion expenses.


If you are using video within your marketing to sell products or services, therefore Humalytics can help you to better figure out your audience and thus rise conversion rates. The best part, since you happen to be sending your video into a segment of YOUR audience meant for data collection, the remarks you get is highly correct.


I really don't know what to state but encourage you to purchase this great app because it is in the discount time and you will get that with the cheap price. Besides, you are likely to receive the valuable bonuses from product creator.


Humalytics Additional bonuses


My Bonuses


If you buy under my Humalytics Review link, you will get all of my own below HOT & FRESH NEW bonuses in 2016!


Philip Beattie's Bonuses


When you buy Humalytics, the product creator - Chris Bettie and his team will also provide you with 4 big bonuses.


Bonus offer #1: Video Marketing Cheat List


All the tools and equipment I use to develop my videos! Everything from program, cameras, lighting, secret information and more!


Bonus #2: 60+ Stock Video Backgrounds


Above 60 Professional Quality Scenery and Motion Video Backgrounds to create your marketing videos in addition to the competition. Use these in the sales videos, upsell movies, product launch videos and even more!


Bonus #3: 100+ Music Tracks


Over 100 Professional grade Royalty Free Background Music Trails that you can use to enhance your promoting videos!


Bonus #4: Conduit Empire Revelations



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